Mulhouse Zoological and botanical garden

Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération

The history of the park

One of the oldest french zoos

Built in 1868, it was the “people’s little park” and had a social vocation even then. In the ages, it has growed and evolved a lot to become what it is now.

In 1965, it embrace its pedagogical role with the “little school at the zoo”, volunteer teachers who maked guided tours each Thursday, the school-free day. This evolved to the pedagogical service, a group of two scientific educators and mediators that hosts around 14 000 pupils each year today.

In the 80’s, the zoo become progressively a research, conservation and breeding center for endangered species. Mulhouse zoo coordinate worldwide endangered species breeding programs. It also makes efforts for animal wellness, taking account of the latest topic knowledges.

450 variétés de rhododendrons

Nowadays, Mulhouse zoo bring together 1200 animals and more than 3000 plants in a marvellous garden labelled since 1995. Among the 170 animal species, 90 are endangered in the wild. Mulhouse zoo takes part in around 100 international conservation programs. Since 30 years, it acts in the wild to protect the last wild lemurs, gibbons, old world monkeys, capuchins, tortoises and turtles, and so on.

Pioneer since 1982 and endangered species breeding expert, Mulhouse zoo presents its animals as wildlife ambassadors. Whats more, 200 plant species from botanical Alsatian conservatory are presented in thematic gardens.

Beautiful and playful, the Mulhouse zoo is as instructive as fun. More than 400 000 visitors came in 2017 and the zoo is the most visited touristic site in the department and the third in Alsace… and certainly one of the more prestigious in France !